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​Decorative Metal and Corner Guards

​RBI designs, fabricates and installs custom products to meet clients' requirements.  The following examples attempt to demonstrate the wide range of Ruddy Brothers' capabilities.  Contact RBI directly for products and solutions to suit your particular needs.

Ruddy Brothers fabricates and installs custom Decorative Metals for many applications from virtually any material.

From simple corner guard protection to elaborate aesthetic details and trims, RBI possesses the knowledge and experience to achieve positive results.

Stainless Steel Corner Guards

Stainless Steel Corner Guards

Stainless Steel End of Wall Guards

Stainless Steel Head of Wall Caps


RBI offers standard and custom size edge guarding to meet your needs.


Custom angles should be specified at time of order.                        

Decorative Stainless Steel Crosses Examples of Workmanship
​ ​
Decorative Metals Examples of Workmanship