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RBI ​Construction Services' Descriptions
General Contracting
General Contracting entails performance of projects under a stipulated sum bid based upon fully developed architectural drawings and specifications.  The general contractor is at risk for all expenses related completing the project.
 Construction Management
The Construction Management construction method offers owners the ability to install a general contractor very early in the construction process -often as early as the schematic design stage.  Under a CM agreement, the Owner, Architect and Construction Firm form a team relationship to deliver the project.  The Construction Manager (CM) offers its services as a stipulated sum, cost of the work plus fee, or cost plus with guaranteed maximum price.  Certain general expenses incurred are considered reimbursable costs and a negotiated fee structure is defined early in the project.
Design Build
Under the Design Build construction process, the Design Builder undertakes the project at inception.  The architectural, engineering, and construction services are the responsibility of the Design Builder.  A scope and budget for the project are defined through preliminary meetings to clearly define the goals and needs of the owner.  RBI does not retain in-house design professionals.  Rather, RBI will assemble and contract a team of design professionals.  This assures that the design team's experience is custom taylored to the needs of each individual project.
Owner Representation & Project Administration
Owner Representation may also be commonly referred to as Construction Manager -Adviser role (CM-a).  The role of the Owner Representative (CM-a) is to protect the owner and watch over the owner's interest during the construction project.  The CM-a does not typically enter into any agreements with contractors who are performing the work.  Rather, the owner enters into all construction contracts -either with multiple "prime" contracts or through a General Contractor (GC) or Construction Manager-Constructor(CM-c).  The CM-a offers services under a negotiated fee structure.
Pre-Construction Services & Planning
Pre-Construction Services and Planning encompasses all efforts to refine the project scope prior to actually breaking ground or initiating construction on site.  This includes development of biddable plans, development of defined scope, packaging of construction elements into bid packages, preliminary budgeting, value engineering, permitting process, and overall scheduling of work and activities.
Value Engineering Solutions
Value Engineering is the analysis of construction elements and process in an effort to reduce costs without compromising overall quality of construction.  VE can be employed to reduce a project's cost to meet budget.  Or, value engineering may simply entail an alternative approach to construct a design element that offers a savings to the client.  RBI routinely reviews projects for potential savings to offer clients.
Conceptual Budgeting
Conceptual Budgeting is an order of magnitude estimate of project construction costs based upon a very preliminary, un-refined scope.  RBI utilizes its vast experience in construction to develop a detailed scope of work -even for a conceptual budget.  RBI attempts to deliver a very realistic conceptual budget, erring toward an overestimate.  For, it is better to be prepared for potential costs rather than underestimate a project and go over budget.
Engineering Support Services
Ruddy Brothers offers clients support services to augment the planning of both facilities and production process.