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New Imaging Suite Addition for New 3-T MRI and Nuclear Medicine Suite Remodel

Rush Copley Medical Center (Aurora)

  • New 5,022-SF Addition for New 3T MRI and Nuclear Medicine Suite
  • New 3,096-SF 2nd Floor Mechanical Suite atop existing Linear Accelerator Suite which remained in full operation throughout course of project
  • Converted design from deep foundations to caissons through Value Engineering
  • Augmented LinAcc Lead Brick Shielding at exterior wall and added 24,000-lb of thickened, welded steel plates atop roof between new penthouse and LinAcc below
  • New 21,000 CFM HVAC unit for new spaces created future Cancer Care Addition
  • Shell space for future PET CT Scan Suite
  • Change routing of Ambulatory Service Entrance
  • Maintained full operations of adjacent Ambulatory Service Entrance throughout project
  • Maintained full operations for Medical Helicopter Pad for landings and takeoffs
  • Helicopters were allowed to land and takeoff within the construction barriers due to active housekeeping, cleanliness and responsiveness of all individuals
  • Maintained full operations of adjacent existing MRI suite throughout project
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New MRI Center Addition for New MRI Units (Phase 1)

Mercy Medical Center (Aurora)

  • New Addition for New MRI and reserved shell space for future 2nd MRI unit
  • 3-Month Accelerated Schedule in severe winter conditions from groundbreaking to magnet delivery
  • Enveloped entire construction area with weather protection for the duration of the project to expedite construction and maintain proper temperatures
  • Utilization of Caisson Foundations to avoid existing underground pedestrian tunnels in very close proximity
  • Coordinated and maintained full operations of adjacent Ambulance / ER entrance and Helipad
  • Welded 1/4" steel plate RF shielding on walls, floors, and ceilings
  • Fiber optic lighting and controls
​ ​ ​
Construction and Remodeling for 2nd MRI Unit (Phase 2)

Mercy Medical Center (Aurora)

  • Construction Build out for 2nd MRI unit within previously constructed addition by Ruddy Brothers
  • Maintained full operations of existing MRI suite within complex
  • Copper RF Shielding
​ ​ ​
Suite Remodel / MEP Upgrades for MRI Unit Replacement 

Castle Orthopaedics (Aurora)

  • Design Build Project
  • Upgrade of MRI Unit to higher Tesla
  • New MRI quench venting
  • New Chiller
  • Located original brick exterior through walking site of brick supplier
  • Restoration of interior finishes
  • Removal of existing MRI systems
  • Installation of new MRI systems
  • Upgraded MEP services for new MRI
  • Maintained full operations of existing, adjacent Surgical Center Suite throughout project
  • Coordinated MEP extensions and services to avoid / mitigate shut downs
​ ​ ​
MRI Unit Removal and Finishes Restoration                            

Fox Valley Orthopaedics Institute (Batavia)

  • Design Build Project
  • Coordinate the Disconnection and Removal of existing MRI Unit
  • Salvage existing brick for reuse
  • Elimination of Pre-Action Fire Suppression System
  • Restoration of interior finishes
MRI Unit Removal and Restoration of Finishes                            

Rush Copley Medical Center -Midwest Center for Advanced Imaging (Yorkville)

  • Coordinate the Disconnection and Removal of existing MRI Unit and Chiller
  • Allow for potential new MRI unit to be installed in the future by maintaining all RF shielding
  • Cap all MEP services
  • Restoration of all interior finishes
New MRI Unit Trailer

Mercy Medical Center (Aurora)

  • Installation of Foundation/Concrete Pad infrastructure to accommodate new MRI Trailer (double wide trailer)
  • Relocation of all existing underground utilities at selected trailer pad location
  • Extension and Installation of MEP infrastructure for new unit