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​Entertainment, Sporting and Recreational Facilities

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New Clubhouse Addition and Renovation 

Aurora Country Club (Aurora)

  • Construction of new addition and renovation of existing clubhouse including:
  • New and Remodeled Dining Rooms, Pre-Function Area & Bar, Bar and Lounge, Main Entrance and Corridors
  • New and Remodeled Locker Facilities, Pro Shop, Kitchen Facilities
  • Basement Cart Storage
  • New Elevator and Dumbwaiters
  • Premium Finishes
New Gymnastics and Athletic Facility

Aurora Turners Club (Aurora)

  • Construction of 18,000-SF Recreational Facility
  • Pre-Engineered Steel and Concrete Block Structure
  • Interior Mezzanine and Restroom Complexes
  • Athletic Facility for gymnastics and sporting activities


New Clubhouse Addition and Renovation                          

Aurora Turners Club (Aurora)

  • Construction of 6,000-SF Clubhouse Addition to expand restaurant, seating, and bar area
  • Remodel of existing interior finishes
  • Redesign and construction of replacement HVAC system