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Two 2-Story Office Additions 

Specialty Construction Brands, Inc. (Aurora)

  • Design-Build Contract
  • 12,000-SF total additions
  • Construction of Two 2-Story Office Additions on either side of the existing office complex nearly doubling office space to 26,000-SF
  • Precast concrete walls and structural steel
  • New branch Headquarters
  • New Private Offices
  • New cubicle office areas
  • Open to deck ceiling decor
  • Expanded cafeteria area
  • New restroom complex
  • New areas of rescue assistance and new rated stairwells
  • Partial remodel of existing offices
Office Renovation and Interior Office Addition

Color Caulk Companies, Inc. (Aurora)

  • Demolition of existing office spaces
  • Increase Office Space from 6,000 -SF to 14,000-SF through new interior addition and second story office complex
  • New Revolving Door Vestibule
  • New Grand Stairwell
  • Open to Deck decor
  • Build out of 2nd floor mezzanine converting it from storage to office
  • New Board Room cantilevered extension of plant floor with mirrored one-way glass overlooking plant operations
  • New Employee Fitness Center and Cafe
  • New Exterior Windows
  • Expanded and Added Restroom and Shower Complexes
  • Executive Level Offices
  • New Elevator
Warehouse and Office Addition & Renovation

DVS, Inc. (Aurora)

  • DVS received the Mayor's Award for Property Improvement for this project
  • New precast concrete office addition and premium finishes
  • Conversion of former brush manufacturing plant into a modern warehouse, vending, food preparation and distribution facility
Radio Station Headquarters

WKKD (Aurora)

  • Design and construction of new office building for company headquarters and broadcast
  • Expedited delivery since owner's original location had been destroyed