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Commercial: Board Rooms, Executive Offices, Lounges
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Executive Level Offices, Conference & Board Rooms                           

Numerous Entities

RBI possesses extensive experience creation of Executive Level Offices, Conference Rooms, and Board Rooms through work on numerous projects

  • Cantilevered board room with one-way glass curtain wall overlooking production plant operations
  • Administrative Executive Offices and Suites
  • Specialized, automated, integrated lighting controls
  • Integrated window blinds
  • Integrated communication systems
  • Integrated presentation systems
  • Premium finishes
  • Faux Wall and Custom Millwork Walls
Lounges, Seating Areas and Special Purpose Areas                           

Numerous Entities

Physician Lounge & Records Area                           

Mercy Medical Center (Aurora)

  • Construction of new Physician Lounge and Executive Physician Offices
  • New Cafe area
  • New Physician Lounge and Computer Access Area with Faux Fireplace and Millwork TV Wall
  • New Conference Room
  • New Restrooms
  • New Multi-Purpose Rooms
  • New Records Area with separate entry corridor