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​Pharmaceutical & Laboratory Construction Experience

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New Research and Development Laboratory 

HB Fuller Construction Products (Aurora)

  • Design-Build Contract
  • New 6,000-SF  Research and Development Laboratories for liquid and dry product development
  • Area converted from existing manufacturing space
  • Planning and Relocation of laboratory equipment, casework, and materials from sister-plant to new labs
  • Humidity and Temperature Controlled Laboratory Environments
  • Dust Collection
  • Fume Hoods
  • Chemical waste piping, grit separators, and waste treatment
Multiple Pharmaceutical Plant Projects

URL Pharma / URL Pharmpro (Aurora)

  • Overall Master Site Planning for multiple projects to enhance and expand production operations
  • Miscellaneous Equipment Platforms
  • Design / Fabrication of Custom Stainless Steel Production Assembly Tools
  • Custom stainless steel flashing of equipment and walls for increased cleanliness and reduction of annual repair costs
  • Office Remodel
New Control Doors for Pharmaceutical Plant

Now Foods (Bloomingdale)

  • Design Build Project
  • Construct new isolation control doors to separate non-production areas from pharmaceutical plant operations
  • Specialized containment of debris and construction area to prevent contamination of ongoing production
  • Epoxy flooring and base
  • Rework Lighting, Fire Alarms, Fire Suppression, and Egress
Histology Laboratory Repairs

Rush Copley Medical Center (Aurora)

  • Emergency Response Repairs to damaged Histology Lab
  • Special Isolation of Construction Area to eliminate potential contamination of ongoing laboratory work
  • Provided temporary enhancements for relocated equipment for use during construction period
  • Restoration of all finishes and flooring
  • Installation of new replacement cabinetry and countertops
  • Relocation of existing plumbing for new equipment locations
  • Coordinated performance with RT and OT to accelerate project while maintaining low costs